TA Electroforce 3550

Fatigue Load Frame

Mechanical Fatigue, Fracture Toughness/Crack Growth and Dynamic Characterisation Testing

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Detailed Description

The Fatigue Load Frame (FLF) is a state-of-the-art, all electric 15kN load frame that operates using a frictionless linear electric motor. This enables dynamic cyclic operation at up to 50Hz, as well as static testing for a wide variety of materials. Its oil-free operation is well suited to the Materials Research Facility requirements for analysis of radioactive samples.



It is capable of running a variety of waveforms, as well as standard ramping conditions.

Its capabilities extend to:

Tension/compression, bending, failure testing, fatigue, dynamic characterisation, creep, stress relaxation, accelerated lifetime testing.

15kN dynamic force capability, maximum frequency: 50Hz, 50 mm displacement range, test space size: 0 to 1000 mm, maximum linear velocity: 1.5m/sec. Can be used with a chamber ranged from room temperature till 1200°C in protected atmosphere for material testing.