Plassys - Bestek MEB 550S Electron Beam Evaporation Unit with Load-Lock

Electron beam evaporation with load lock

For sample preparation, etching or assisted deposition (IAD).

  • Partner:University of Oxford
  • Facility:DWB Cleanroom
  • Availability:Available
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Detailed Description

Electron beam evaporation has many advantages: (i) the electron beam source is capable of heating materials to much higher temperatures than is possible using a resistive boat or crucible heater, allowing for very high deposition rates and evaporation of high temperature materials and refractory metals such as tungsten, tantalum, or graphite; (ii) films deposited by electron beam evaporation can better maintain the purity of the source material; water cooling of the crucible tightly confines the electron beam heating to only the area occupied by the source material, eliminating any unwanted contamination from neighbouring components; (iii) finally, electron beam evaporation sources are available in a variety of sizes and configurations including single or multiple pockets.


Non-exhaustive list of applications including: lift-off processes, HMET, PHMET transistors, Ohmic and Schottky contacts on GaN, IR waveguides, thermal barriers, magnetic materials for microwave applications, MEMS encapsulation, Josephson circuits.

Up to 8″ standard single or multiple substrates.