• 1 on chip electrochemical mass spectrometry instrument - SpectroInlets • 1 battery tester, with 24 channels - Biologic • 3 single channel potentiostats - Biologic • Two MBraun gloveboxes (argon atmosphere)

Electrochemistry suite

Electrochemistry suite for the investigation of mechanistic details in non-aqueous systems

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Detailed Description

SpectroInlets On Chip Electrochemical Mass Spectrometry (EC-MS), two gloveboxes to support the investigation of non-aqeuous electrochemical systems with  EC-MS, a Biologic battery tester (24 channels) and 3 Biologic potentiostats


Non aqueous, air sensitive electrochemical measurements e.g lithium ion batteries, nitrogen reduction

The chip-based electrochemistry mass spectrometry (EC-MS) system from Spectro Inlets enables detection of gaseous products from an electrode surface with extreme sensitivity, down to less than 1 pmol/s, enabling accurate quantification of the activity of e.g. water splitting and CO2 valorization activity at low overpotential. It facilitates a fully controlled electrochemical environment enabling step-function introduction of reactant gases, making it ideal for mechanistic studies in electrocatalysis. It is an illustrative window in to electrocatalysis useful for teaching as well as cutting-edge research. The gloveboxes and battery testers/potentiostats  facilitate sample preparation and processing for such measurements