Linseis vertical dilatometer L75V


Precise determination of thermal expansion behaviour of solids, liquids, powders and pastes for a variety of applications

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Detailed Description

Dilatometry measures dimensional changes in a material as a function of temperature in a controlled atmosphere. This allows for the obtaining of the coefficient of thermal expansion of a material. The vertical push-rod design benefits from no friction on expansion, with guaranteed push-rod contact. Both dilatometers at the UKAEA-MRF are dual push-rod systems, which allow for direct comparison of a sample with unknown thermal properties to a well characterised reference sample, and both are subjected to exactly the same environment. The two separate instruments have furnaces for operation at -100-500°C and RT- 2000°C. These are fully automated and can be controlled remotely.

Linseis L75V (2x)

Temperature range

-100-500°C / RT-2000°C



Measurement range


CTE accuracy


CTE reproducibility

+/-100nm (for fused silica)


Inert / Oxidising / Reducing / vacuum

Precision / reproducibility

Thermal diffusivity

+/-3% / +/-2%

Specific Heat

+/-5% / +/-3%

Data acquisition rate


Temperature accuracy

+/-0.5°C or 0.25%


ASTM E831 / ASTM D696

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