Arcast - Arc 200

Arc Melter

Arc melting furnace with tilt-casting option for alloy manufacture.

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Detailed Description

The arc melting furnace can melt metals and alloys at over 3000 °C with the aid of the electric arc between the non-consumable tungsten electrode and the copper crucible.

Therefore, the arc furnace is a very useful device for the rapid production of Ti, Zr, Fe, Co, Ni-based alloys and also the high entropy alloys (HEA) containing refractory metals.

It is capable of melting nonreactive and reactive metals up to 200g.

The furnace is equipped with a diffusion pump that shortens the time required for reaching high vacuum levels.

The electromagnetic stirring function that is applied during melting is very effective for obtaining homogenous alloys.

The furnace also has a manipulator for flipping the samples without breaking the vacuum.

Liquid metal can either be solidified inside the crucible or tilt casted into the copper mould that is attached to the copper crucible.


This equipment makes it possible to manufacture samples of:

  • Ti alloys for aerospace and medical applications
  • Co alloys for medical applications
  • Alloys of refractory materials such as W for nuclear applications
  • Zr alloys for medical and nuclear applications
  • Metallic glasses
  • High entropy alloys

Equipped with:

  • a diffusion pump for rapid vacuuming up to 10-6 mbar
  • lift-arc start
  • foot pedal controlled arc intensity
  • highly effective electromagnetic stirring of alloys
  • casting mould with a rectangular cavity

Capacity: 200g nominal

Crucible/Hearth: Copper water cooled

Chamber: 304 Stainless Steel

Arc/torch tip: Thoriated Tungsten rod

Melt temperature: >3000°C

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