TA Instruments Ltd. Planar Biaxial

Biaxial mechanical testing

Biomechanical system which has the ability to characterise anisotropic material behaviour

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Detailed Description

Planar biaxial system comprises of a 4 motor configuration which can assess mechanical anisotropy and non-linear stress-strain relationships for a variety of synthetic /natural biomaterials as well as native tissues in a physiological relevant environment.


Ideal for biomedical and tissue engineering applications
such as:
• Development of models to predict material behaviour
• Comparison of mechanical properties of biomaterials to native tissues
• Assessment of anisotropy, nonlinear stress-strain relationships,
and viscoelasticity
• Perform fatigue testing on medical devices and sensors

4 motor configuration (apply compression and tension in both x and y axes). Heated saline bath. Sterile BioDynamic® chamber (for cell seeded constructs). Digital Video Extensometer (strain control). Dynamic force: ± 200 N. Displacement: 25 mm. Frequency: 0-100 Hz