Zeiss UltraXRM810

3D X-ray Nano-computed Tomography - Zeiss UltraXRM810

X-ray Microscope for Nanoscale X-ray Imaging

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Detailed Description

The Zeiss UltraXRM810 is one of the highest resolution lab-based X-ray tomography system available. The system permits imaging at nanometer scale by using state-of-the-art zone plate X-ray optics to achieve resolutions as fine as 50 nm. Two resolution modes, large field of view (65 x 65 μm) and high-resolution (16 x 16 μm), are available for multi-scale imaging. Zernike phase contrast can be used to compliment absorption contrast to highlight sample boundaries when absorption is low.


Small samples of up to approx 100 μm diameter, depending on material.

Chromium anode with kα at 5.4keV.

Two resolution modes, large FOV (65 x 65 μm) and high-res FOV (16 x 16 μm), with voxel sizes down to 65 x 65 nm and 16 x 16nm, respectively.

In-situ deformation capable by using the Zeiss Ultra Load Cell tension/compression rig (0.8N maximum load)