Rapiscan RTT110

3D X-ray Computed Tomography - Rapiscan RTT110

Airport baggage scanner for fast X-ray Computed Tomography of bulky items

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Detailed Description

The Rapiscan RTT110 is a fast X-ray Computed Tomography scanner capable of scanning hundreds of large items within an hour. The large inner chamber allows bulky objects, such as complex composite shapes, to be analysed with an equivalent resolution to medical X-ray CT systems but in a fraction of the time.


Large objects: luggage and other bags, complex composite shapes, such as frames or propellor blades, museum objects, closed containers of all types.

Ability to scan large samples

Ability to scan large samples: Width 1.0m, height 0.6m and length up to 2m. Image resolution of approx 1mm. Conveyor belt speed 0 to 0.5m/s. Fast acquisition enables granular materials and two-phase flows to be imaged.