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Aerosol deposition of powdered ceramics

  • Partner:The University of Manchester
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Detailed Description

This facility provides the capability for the fabrication of ceramic coatings by a room temperature impact consolidation (RTIC) process.


It creates highly dense nanostructured ceramic coatings without the need for subsequent high temperature sintering processes. The enables the production of electrically insulating coatings on metallic conductors, ceramic coatings on flexible substrates for fabrication of novel coiled capacitive and dielectric energy storage devices, as well as next-generation multilayer capacitors and piezoceramic coatings for integrated ultrasonic sensors for structural integrity monitoring.

This is a novel approach to the fabrication of dense nanocrystalline ceramic coatings on ceramic, metallic or polymeric substrates. The method is widely applicable to different types of ceramic coatings and is characterised by rapid deposition rates (~ microns/min.). Ceramic coatings for various functional, insulation and protective applications can be produced by this method. A combined facility for the production of fine inorganic particulates with well-controlled particle size distribution and a deposition chamber for fabrication of ceramic coatings by a room temperature impact consolidation (RTIC) process.

Equipment in use includes:

Moorfield Nanotechnology MiniLab AD125M Aerosol Deposition Base System
Edwards Vaccum Pump
PI Limited Linear Translation Stage
FIL Aerosol Generator
FIL Aerosol Spectrometer Palas Promo 3000
Fritsch Pulverisette 5 Planetary Ball Mill
Lewvac Thermocouples and Feedthroughs
Moorfield AD System Minilab AD125A Aerosol Deposition Base System
TSI Instruments Ltd Dust Generator
Buchi Spray Dryer
Wolflabs Binder Oven
Genlab Oven
Neederman Arm Extraction Unit
Fisherbrand FPRS4202 Balance