Business Development Manager

Dr Michelle Ledward

Dr Michelle Ledward
Business Development Manager | Materials Systems for Demanding Environments/Sustainable Materials Innovation Hub


Dr Michelle Ledward is the Business Development Manager for the Sustainable Materials Innovation Hub & Materials Systems for Demanding environment (MS4DE) research theme at the Royce.

With 27 years’ experience in R&D, regulatory, compliance and technical support in industrial chemistry, Michelle’s exceptional leadership and problem solving skills allow her to build long term research partnerships between the Royce and industrial partners.

With a particular interest in developing innovation strategies, Michelle has managed products from the ground up. Having previously managed the R&D portfolio of a £60m company, Michelle has extensive experience in managing every aspect of the innovation process from conception, through regulation, delivery and sustainability.

Michelle is keen to use her knowledge of industry to connect the capabilities of the Royce and the SMI-Hub with the needs of industry.