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New Royce Board appointments bring a wealth of experience from across UK materials community

Royce is delighted to announce a number of new appointments across both its Governing Board (GB) and its Strategic Advisory Board (SAB).

The strategic and operational delivery of Royce is overseen by members of the Royce GB and SAB. The GB provides oversight to ensure Royce delivers significant impact for the UK in the field of advanced materials research, particularly by creating and drawing on the synergies and advantages of both its Partners and wider materials community.

Both the GB and Royce Leadership Team are bolstered by independent advice from the SAB on achieving delivery of the Royce vision, particularly in relation to the operation of Royce facilities and the quality of the institute’s scientific outputs.

Dr Elizabeth Gardner, Head of Operations, Henry Royce Institute said: “Royce’s recruitment activity in relation to the appointment of new members to both of these important Boards has focussed on engaging individuals from a diverse range of materials disciplines and backgrounds including academia, industry and research technology organisations. Together with our existing Board members, this means we are able to access a vast range of thought leadership, knowledge and experience.

“We are delighted to welcome new members to both our Governing Board and our Strategic Advisory Board. We recognise that Royce will gain strength from individuals who bring a huge amount of knowledge of advanced materials, as well as in matters of governance and of course importantly in the management and oversight of publicly funded research facilities which represent a key UK innovation asset.”

New Royce Strategic Advisory Board Members

Dr Anneke Lubben – Head of the Material and Chemical Characterisation Facility (MC2) at the University of Bath
Dr Giorgia Longobardi – Founder and CEO of Cambridge GaN Devices Ltd (CGD), a start-up developing highly efficient power electronics
Dr Teresa Pérez Prado – Deputy Director of Madrid-based Materials Institute
Dr Ioanna Mylonaki – UKRI Future Leader Fellow and Head of the preclinical team of Sixfold Bioscience

New Royce Governing Board Non-Executive Directors

Alan Newby – Director of Aerospace Technology and Future Programmes at Rolls-Royce.
Annalisa Gigante – Non-Executive Director of Cambridge Enterprise
Richard Price – CTO and co-founder of PragmatIC