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Stand Out Skills is a new webinar series for early career researchers working in materials science disciplines. Hosted by experts, each episode will explore useful presentation, communication, or career skills for researchers which aren’t normally taught as a part of traditional education pathways for materials scientists.

Through Stand Out Skills webinars, you will learn a host of new abilities to complement your research career, including how to build your own research website, improve your academic CV and utilise new technologies to present your work more effectively.

The series will support your early career journey and help you to build a repertoire of valuable new skills to distinguish yourself and thrive in your research community.

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Episode 1: Build Your Own Academic Website

Websites are a great way to promote yourself, your research, or other projects you participate in. Adapting one of the many freely available website templates allows you to build a personal brand and communicate effectively.

In Episode 1, Dr Lucy Whalley (Northumbria University) describes how you can set up a free, static, website using Github Pages, highlight some effective examples from materials science research.