Royce announces over £3 million in funding for collaborative materials innovation projects

The Henry Royce Institute (Royce) has today launched the fourth round of its Industrial Collaboration Programme, which funds multi-partner materials innovation projects between UK businesses, universities and research and technology organisations each year.

Dozens of projects from across the innovation community will receive grants to accelerate the transfer of new technologies by leveraging national capability and expertise in materials science. At least £3 million will be awarded through Round 4 of the programme.

These ambitious projects will gain access to world leading research facilities across the UK, and will be eligible for support from a team of dedicated application scientists from across the Royce partnership to provide R&D expertise in a range of areas – from materials modelling and manufacturing, through to analysis and testing. 

The call supports projects with a clear focus on technology translation across one of four key scope areas: sustainable materials innovation, quantum technologies and semiconductor materials, energy innovation and hydrogen technologies, and healthcare innovation.


Each of the core themes in this round of funding has specific sub themes which funded projects will be expected to align with:

Sustainable Materials Innovation

  • Materials innovations seeking to minimise environmental impact in the foundation industries.
  • Resource efficiency and scarcity: innovations in materials use and recycling to address the scarcity of critical minerals and reduce dependence on limited resources.

Quantum Technologies and Semiconductor Materials 

  • Materials for quantum computing: materials enabling second-generation quantum devices.
  • Quantum sensors and imaging systems: New material concepts allowing improved resolution and sensitivity in proof-of-concept quantum devices for targeted applications.
  • Innovations for semiconductors: new materials to support semiconductors achieve superior properties and efficiencies.

Energy Innovation and Hydrogen Technologies   

  • Hydrogen production, storage and utilisation: materials innovations to support hydrogen’s role in the energy transition, including production, storage, transport, and utilisation.
  • Advancements in energy materials: materials for enabling a new generation of energy storage and conversion technologies, to ensure scaling up efficient and low-cost solutions.
  • Sustainability in energy systems: innovative materials and processes that contribute to a green energy landscape.

Healthcare Innovation

  • Advanced manufacturing for healthcare devices: New material paradigms for creating bespoke medical devices and implants ensuring biocompatibility.
  • Material Innovations in Healthcare: Materials for medical applications that interface effectively with biological systems to realise a healthier population.


Round 4 of the ICP funding call is open to proposals from:

  • Higher education institutions and universities (UK Je-S registered)
  • Research and technology organisations,
  • Charity or not for profit organisations
  • Businesses of any size

UK registered companies can lead and collaborate on projects, international companies are eligible for participation but cannot claim funding.


Detailed guidance on the funding and how to apply can be found on the Royce Industrial Collaboration Programme webpage.

A briefing webinar will be held for Round 4 of the Royce Industrial Collaboration funding on 20 March 2024. Sign-up via Zoom using this link:


The Royce Industrial Collaboration Programme is supported via long-term funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), part of UK Research & Innovation.