Royce Announces New Materials 4.0 Webinar Series

The Henry Royce Institute (Royce) is launching a new series of interactive webinars to enhance understanding of data approaches used across the national advanced materials community.

The webinar series will cover topics related to the Royce research challenge area of Materials 4.0 such as computational methods in the development of materials, AI approaches to materials design and complex computer simulation methods used for materials discovery.

Set to launch 07 March, each webinar will feature an expert from academia or industry discussing their research, methodologies and objectives. Participants will learn more about workflows and real-world applications of experimental approaches and engage directly with practitioners conducting materials science research using cutting edge data approaches.

Stavrina Dimosthenous | Data Curator, Henry Royce Institute said:

We wanted to host webinars to showcase research towards Materials 4.0 across experimental and computational materials science. We aim to demystify what is meant by Materials 4.0 by demonstrating work that will complement research and industrial workflows by accelerating them, and converge towards big data and internet-of-things implementations to research and industry. By showcasing this work, we hope to be able to drive collaboration and introduce the community to new ways of undertaking research.

The series of events is aimed at the national advanced materials community at large and those interested in learning more about harnessing computational approaches to data in their work. This will be explained through different thematic focuses in the individual webinars. Among other things, the roles of machine learning-based tools, automation in laboratories and simulation at every scale will be discussed and illuminated.

Registration for each event in the series is free and required in advance to attend. Tickets for the first event, titled ‘Developing a Microstructural Fingerprint for Mining Process-Microstructure’, can be reserved on Eventbrite using this link.