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Registration now open for NNL and Royce Institute led workshop exploring the material challenges facing nuclear-enabled hydrogen

As part of a continuing initiative from the Henry Royce Institute and National Nuclear Laboratory to support the production of low carbon hydrogen in the UK, we are organising a workshop of industry and research leaders to explore the material challenges facing the deployment of nuclear-enabled hydrogen.

The workshop will focus on the material challenges that must be solved to enable the integration of solid oxide Electrolysers (SOEs) and thermochemical processes with nuclear reactors. This follows from a broader 2021 landscape study commissioned by the Royce Institute which explored Materials for End to End Hydrogen.

The discussions from the workshop will form the basis of a second landscape study which will help to shape the UK’s strategy towards the deployment of nuclear-enabled hydrogen. This landscape study is coordinated by Delta H, a zero carbon consultancy with expertise in hydrogen and green commodities and outreach for the workshop is supported by KTN, specialists in connecting cross-industrial collaborations.

The workshop will take place at the Henry Royce Institute at the University of Manchester at 10am – 3pm, 18th May.

To register your interest in the workshop, please follow the link attached here. We would be grateful if you would advise us as to your participation by Wednesday 10th May and invitations will be sent out no later than Thursday 11th May.

Due to the specific scope and limited space for this workshop we would like to encourage experienced research and industry personnel to register for the workshop. We are particularly looking for leaders across industry and research in thermochemical hydrogen production, solid oxide electrolysers, nuclear energy applications, and material sciences in demanding environments and related fields. If you are unable to attend the workshop but believe that you would be a valuable contributor to this workshop, please register your interest using the above link as we intend to follow up with some of our attendees to further shape the landscape study.