Osaka visit1

Delegates from the Osaka Government and Hitachi visit Royce Hub Building

In January Dr Clara Cheung, Head of Internationalisation for ASEAN, Japan and Korea from the Faculty of Science and Engineering at the University of Manchester, welcomed delegates from the Osaka Government and Hitachi to the  University Engineering Campus and to the Royce Hub building to discuss research and industry collaboration on sustainability and energy.

Dr Clara Cheung said: “It is always fascinating to learn how colleagues and Research Institutes such as Royce have conducted cross-disciplinary work to address the challenges we face around sustainability and future sources of clean energy.”

Royce CEO Professor David Knowles set the scene at Royce by talking through Royce’s vision for advanced materials for a sustainable society, including its National Materials Challenges, and roadmapping work around materials for the energy transition.

Clara thanked the University of Manchester team members including Professor David Knowles, Dr Amanda Lea-Langton, Professor Michael Shaver, Dr Christopher Jones, Dr Paul Coffey, Professor David Polya , Ms Elena Zelenkova, Mr Alexander Gaskill, and representatives from the Greater Manchester Combined Authority for the support of hosting the visit which created opportunity to explore future collaboration on research that drives net-zero agenda in Japan and the UK.