Tata Steel Sprint to Zero Applications Open

The British High Commission, New Delhi along with Tata Steel, India is delighted to announce that a £80,000 funding call which is now open for applications for innovative projects in the low carbon Hydrogen that address the challenges of greening the industrial sector in India. Up to £80,000 would be awarded to two successful bids; Tata Steel will offer experiential engagement to selected entities including a priority access to Tata Steel’s integrated steel plant visit.

Proposal submission deadline extended: 8 September 2023

The grants are for projects lasting 9-12 months, starting around November 2023. Tata Steel may consider funding other bids of merit and further money if required by the chosen successful bidders to validate the technology proposition at their discretion. Tata Steel may also consider short term, early TRL, small budget proposals, however the proposed solution should be minimum at pilot stage.

The Tata Steel Pilot Sprint 2023 will fund innovative research and development projects in low carbon hydrogen that propose tech led or tech enabled solutions to address Green Hydrogen technologies for greening the industrial sector for sustainable future.

This represents the UK and India’s commitment to work together as per the commitments under the 2030 roadmap and the announcement of collaboration on Hydrogen in the PM – PM joint announcement of 2022.

Tata Steel is focused on identification of technologies related to electrolysers and fuel cell technologies, biomass, or enhancing battery storage capacity and improving manufacturing capabilities. This is most relevant to the organization’s or the sector’s needsRegister now to secure your spot and join us for an unforgettable experience!


The funding call is open for solutions from academia, start-ups and industries across India and UK. Projects must be co – led by an Indian or a UK organisation; with a maximum of three partners per project, where at least one organisation must be either from the UK or India, with a strong academic, research and development background.

Grants will be awarded to a lead organisation which clearly needs to be identified in the proposal. Applicants must demonstrate collaboration with other organisations. Applicants will need to explain how their proposal will facilitate the development of partnerships between researchers, industry (including but not limited to start-ups, scale-ups and small & medium enterprises), and potentially NGOs, policymakers and practitioners in India and counterparts abroad.

For further information and application details, click here.