Tata Steel and Henry Royce Institute Sign Collaboration Agreement for New Centre for Innovation in Advanced Materials  

Tata Steel and the Henry Royce Institute for Advanced Materials (Royce) have signed a Collaboration Agreement, marking a significant step towards establishing the proposed new UK Centre for Innovation in Advanced Materials. This follows the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two in December last year. The new Centre will be housed at Royce’s headquarters at the University of Manchester and will receive an investment of £10 million from Tata Steel over the next four years.

The Centre for Innovation is set to become a premier facility, enabling unique capabilities and delivering impactful collaborative research, as part of which leading Royce academics and researchers will work with Tata Steel on strategic programmes with a focus on developing next-generation value-added products for various sectors. Initial projects will target advancements in medical materials, 2D materials, and second-life materials specifically recycling technology emphasising the reuse and recycling of resources to minimise consumption.

Dr. Debashish Bhattacharjee, Vice President of Technology and R&D at Tata Steel, and Professor David Knowles, CEO of Royce, formalised the agreement.

Dr. Bhattacharjee commented:

“With the signing of the Collaboration Agreement, we’re taking the next crucial step forward towards establishing the Centre for Innovation in Advanced Materials at Royce. It marks a significant milestone in Tata Steel’s commitment to pioneering research and technology leadership. This collaboration underscores our dedication to exploring diverse materials beyond steel, driving innovation, and shaping sustainable solutions for people and the planet.”

Professor David Knowles added:

“We’re delighted to move to the contracting stage for this important Royce collaboration with Tata Steel. We can now move full steam ahead in the pursuit of new opportunities for advanced materials innovation and manufacturing both in the North West and across the UK. This strategic alliance with Tata Steel capitalises on Tata Steel’s extensive expertise in technology translation and commercialization and Royce’s strengths in science and innovation within advanced materials. We look forward to realising new discoveries and to a productive and winning partnership.”

The initiative leverages the advanced materials research strengths of Royce Partners at the Universities of Cambridge and Sheffield, and Imperial College London.

In attendance

In person:

Professor David Knowles, CEO, Henry Royce Institute
Dr Debashish Bhattacharjee, VP R&D and Technology, Tata Steel UK
Oliver Drakeford, CFI Programme Administrator, Henry Royce Institute
Professor Philip Withers, Chief Scientist, Henry Royce Institute
Helen Allwood, Senior Programme Manager, Henry Royce Institute
Megan Craig, Communications Officer, Henry Royce Institute
Dr Sumitesh Das, Director R&D, Tata Steel UK


Dr Ania Jolly, Head of Research and Business Engagement, Henry Royce Institute
Ms. Sonal Raghuvanshi, Head Alliances and Ventures, Tata Steel Limited
Rebecca Cross, Royce TSL/CFI Programme Manager, Henry Royce Institute
Dr Hans Van-der-Weijde Tata Steel Europe
Mr. Munish Sudan, Head IP & Legal, Tata Steel Limited
Martin Carroll, Royce Consultant