Royce Discovery Centre

Sheffield granted planning approval for Royce Discovery Centre

The University of Sheffield, whose team leads on the Advanced Metals Processing research theme for the Henry Royce Institute, has reached another milestone in the development of its Royce facilities. Sheffield City Council has granted formal planning approval for the Royce Discovery Centre.

The purpose of the Royce Discovery Centre (RDC) is to take materials and processing concepts, and develop them from basic principles through analytical and experimental processes with the aim of proving the concept in terms of feasibility and applicability for industrial use.

A lot of work has already been completed to get the plans this far, with detailed design drawings and specifications being produced and submitted to the Council for approval.

The next stage is to identify a suitable contractor to fulfil the project by entering into a formal tendering process. It is hoped that this will be completed by June 2018 and that building work will commence by the end of July.

In the meantime, at the Royce Translational Centre, the Royce team is now in the process of installing and commissioning equipment such as the Arcast Atomiser, the Consarc Vacuum Induction Melting Furnace and the Arcam Q10plus EMB machine.

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