Royce @ ENZ Week

Royce takes advanced materials message to EPSRC Engineering Net Zero Showcase

Royce was delighted to attend the fantastic, in-person conference and exhibition EPSRC Engineering Net Zero Showcase at the University of Glasgow’s new, exciting Advanced Research Centre, which saw a connected series of excellent sessions across innovative solutions for a greener future.

The event saw us roll out our new film setting out the Royce IOM3 Ten Point Plan: the Materials Challenge. We were also very pleased to be right next door to Royce Partner UKAEA, who set out the role of Fusion – the power source of the Sun –  which offers the promise of abundant, low carbon future electricity here on Earth.  The UK leads the world in developing fusion – and central to this is UKAEA’s diverse fusion research and technology (robotics, materials, tritium) programmes.

The event brought researchers, industry leaders and policy makers together to reflect on and raise awareness of the EPSRC investments made in the Net Zero space, and continued the conversations that took place at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), highlighting how EPSRC investments link to the sustainable development goals.

Royce was represented at an important Hydrogen Workshop which was around growing the UK’s Hydrogen Economy to secure UK Energy Resilience.  EPSRC’s Hydrogen Coordinators have been appointed to network within the research and innovation community, build a multidisciplinary consortium, and develop a forward research programme for a potential future hub.

The session set out and explored how these teams are bringing together the hydrogen research and innovation community, working in partnership with business, academia, public and policy across the hydrogen value chain to discover and develop solutions to cross-sector research challenges.

EPSRC’s Executive Chair, Professor Dame Lynn Gladden, gave an illuminating final keynote at the event, talking about mission-inspired research and the importance of people and partnerships.

It was also fantastic to see the announcement of the results of the EPSRC Engineering Net Zero photography competition. Congratulations to the six winners!

Take a look at their photos and the meaning behind them!

Green visions for engineering net zero week – UKRI