Royce Scholarships for the Cambridge Judge Business School’s EnterpriseTECH Programme

The Henry Royce Institute (Royce) is partnering with the University of Cambridge’s Judge Business School’s Entrepreneurship Centre to offer funded Royce Scholarship places to Materials Science and Engineering post-docs and early career scientists on the EnterpriseTECH programme.

Are you interested in entrepreneurship and early-stage technologies? EnterpriseTECH is a three-month, extra-curricular programme designed to help HE students and researchers develop their entrepreneurial skills and understanding of commercialisation pathways.

With a focus on innovation, this programme offers a unique educational experience through a combination of lectures, workshops, and hands-on learning. You’ll have the opportunity to work with researchers from other disciplines in a team and a business supervisor to explore the commercial potential of a real-world project, ultimately delivering a commercial feasibility report, a video infomercial, and learning to pitch your ideas.

Whether you already have a business idea or are simply looking to gain valuable skills and knowledge, EnterpriseTECH is an excellent opportunity to boost your entrepreneurial confidence. Upon successful completion of the programme, you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion from the Cambridge Judge Entrepreneurship Centre.

EnterpriseTECH’s key learning objectives include:

  • ideas and opportunities– how to spot opportunities, develop new ways to feed creativity and vision, how to value and evaluate ideas, and build on ethical and sustainable thinking.
  • resources – understanding how to mobilise resources and others around you, financial and economic literacy, self-awareness and self-efficacy, motivation and perseverance.
  • action – experiential learning, working with others, planning and management, leadership growth, coping with ambiguity, uncertainty and risk, public speaking.

The Royce Scholarship will fund a limited number of places on EnterpriseTECH Cohort 12 for Materials Scientists and Engineering post-docs or researchers based at a UK Higher Education Institution, under the Royce mission pillar of fostering materials science skills development, innovation training and outreach to support and grow world-recognised excellence in UK materials research.

To secure your place in the programme, you pay a small personal deposit of £30 after your interview. The Royce funding will cover the remaining programme fees, which amount to £845. Additionally, you may be eligible for an award to help cover travel and residential expenses when in-person attendance is required, such as the launch day and 4-day lecture intensive at the beginning and the Pitch Night at the end. You can request this support during the application process.

The deadline to apply to join Cohort 12 is 30 January, and the programme will run from 27 February – 26 May.

Find out more here or apply here