Royce Hosts First Internal Postgraduate Coffee Morning

In line with its commitment to student engagement, Royce’s Training team hosted its first ever Postgraduate Coffee Morning on the 26th July on the Mezzanine of the Royce Hub Building in Manchester.

The coffee morning, hosted at the Royce Hub in Manchester, brought together the student cohort over pastries and hot drinks in an environment that supported conversations about their work, and provided an opportunity to meet the Royce Training team.

The Training team facilitates engagement across a range of activities, including public engagement, schools and community outreach, under and postgraduate events, alongside enrichment opportunities. These activities form part of the Royce’s wider work with Partners, and researchers across the UK, under the Royce mission pillar of fostering materials science skills development, innovation training and outreach.

The event saw the attendance of over 25 postgraduate students from Royce. It provided the opportunity to network with members of the Royce Hub team and meet their contemporaries from across the building.

The Training team introduced themselves to attendees and gave an overview of their upcoming initiatives, including the PhD Student Summit, the Undergraduate Conference on the 6th September, and the ScienceX festival held on the 28th and 29th October. The cohort in attendance provided valuable feedback on what they might like to see from the team, both within Manchester and across the wider network of Royce Partners spanning the UK.

Professor Phillip Withers, Chief Scientist at Royce, joined the session as part of his recent collaborations with the Training team. Of Royce’s commitment to student engagement, Prof. Withers commented:

“‘It was great to chat with students to discuss how Royce can become one of the most exciting and connected places to work in Manchester.  Lots of ideas came forwards and I am keen we establish a student committee to make sure we build on these.  I am really keen we find ways to make sure the new academic year kicks off with a post COVID bang!’ ”

In keeping with the theme of student engagement, Royce will be hosting its own PhD Student Summit at the Royce Hub in Manchester on the 13th and 14th September 2022. This event will focus on facilitating connections between postgraduate students in materials science on a larger scale and will provide a series of insightful talks for those aiming to make the move into industry. Find out more about the event here