Royce and UKRI take materials message to COP 26

Royce CEO Professor David Knowles spent time supporting UK Research & Innovation’s (UKRI) stand at the 26th Conference of the Parties (COP) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP26).

COP26 was held in Glasgow 31 October – 12 November 2021 where UKRI hosted both physical and online events.

David Knowles said:

“Humankind has never faced a challenge that is quite so vast or so complex or indeed important. I’m very pleased to be able to support UKRI here in Glasgow, and proud to be able to talk about how important research across advanced materials is playing such a crucial role in driving the innovation we need to see across a range of sectors, and that will ultimately deliver global net-zero.

“The message here at COP 26 is one of great urgency – time’s running out and we need to decarbonise at a much faster pace in the next 30 years than we have in the past 30 to meet our 2050 target. What really matters now is how we get there, particularly given our infrastructure – including energy, transport and – currently contributes to the majority of our CO2 emissions.

Our message here in Glasgow is that advancement in our understanding and development of materials will be essential to deliver the disruptive technologies that will bring about the applications and processes we urgently need in order to achieve our net-zero goal.”

The UKRI stand was an impactful installation which showcased the show your stripes campaign, which shows average annual temperatures based on colour, and are designed to illustrate rising global temperatures and spark conversations and action around the climate crisis.

ShowYourStripes is now an important international campaign to highlight the importance of climate science. The pattern of blue and red stripes shows how average temperatures have risen based on climate data from the mid-19th century in their country or US state.