Royal Society: bio-derived and bioinspired sustainable advanced materials for emerging technologies 

Advanced materials are critical enablers for the advancement of technologies across different sectors from energy, aerospace, transport, packaging, healthcare, electronics, textiles, construction, defence, etc. As populations rise and resources diminish, it is imperative we find new ways to balance economic progress with sustainability and zero emissions.


Sustainably sourced resources processed into innovative, bioinspired hierarchical materials design can offer the much-needed transition to a more sustainable society. They can contribute to a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions and waste while boosting high-performance technologies and generating high value products. These theme issues bring together experts on the development and deployment of sustainable materials and their applications.


Philosophical Transactions A – Bio-derived and bioinspired sustainable advanced materials for emerging technologies (part 1 & 2) compiled and edited by Magda Titirici and the articles for both issues can be accessed directly at www.bit.ly/TransA-2206 and www.bit.ly/TransA-2209


A print version of each issue is also available at the special price of £35.00 each from Debbie.vaughan@royalsociety.org