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Royce and ORE Catapult invite applications for facilities access to boost offshore wind turbine performance

A new, joint initiative by the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult (ORE Catapult) and the Henry Royce Institute is seeking to foster the development of solutions to the issue of leading-edge erosion in offshore wind turbine blades.

The collaboration kicked off with a workshop on 24th June aimed at materials technologists and associated roles in materials engineering, from sectors where there is a clear focus on the development of highly functional materials for today’s demanding industrial challenges.

The Leading Edge Blade Erosion Workshop set out the critical challenge to the development of next-generation turbines and the opportunities for new materials systems to be considered.

As outlined at the workshop, Royce and ORE Catapult are now offering access to Catapult facilities for fast-tracking high TRL solutions through rain erosion testing, together with access to Royce surface analysis capabilities to assess surface degradation.

In order to provide this access, they are seeking applications from individuals or companies who have an idea or proposal for a materials solution that would improve the performance of offshore wind turbines.

Download the application form here and return to by 23rd July 2021

Offshore wind energy currently enjoys a rapidly expanding presence as the UK seeks to provide renewable, low carbon electricity generation; a necessary step required to combat climate change. The UK government has set an ambitious target of 40 GW of installed offshore Wind Capacity by 2030, up from a current base of 11 GW. For this ambition to be achieved it is vital that the diminishing cost basis of generated offshore energy is maintained. A clear obstacle to this goal however is the issue of Leading edge erosion of wind turbine blades.

Dr Nick Rimmer, Head of Business Engagement at Royce said:

This is a great opportunity for materials scientists from a range of different industries to contribute to maintaining the UK’s leading position in the off-shore wind sector.  Promising technologies identified as a result of this collaboration will have the opportunity to work with experts and access state-of-the-art testing and analysis capabilities at both the Royce and ORE Catapult, accelerating the path to qualification for off-shore applications.”

If you would like to discuss your potential application please contact:

Thomas Wildsmith, Business Development Manager, ORE Catapult,


Nick Rimmer, Head of Business Engagement, Henry Royce Institute,