Spotlight on Operando Approaches for Advanced Materials Development 2023

More than 120 delegates took part in the Operando Approaches for Advanced Materials Development Symposium in Cambridge this week, which was sponsored by the Henry Royce Insititute.

Co-organised by Stephan Hofmann, of the University of Cambridge, and Robert Weatherup, of the University of Oxford, the delegates heard from experts in operando methods from the UK, Germany and the Netherlands about the latest advances in this area.

Operando methods aim to observe and measure a material’s structure, property and function, under operational conditions to capture dynamic processes and better understanding their performance.

Lectures included the uses of operando methods for high-throughput electrochemical testing, chemical sensing and photochemistry, neurodegeneration, spectroscopy and ultrafast electron microscopy.

Stephan said:

“This symposium supports an interdisciplinary network of researchers working on operando and in-situ methods to gain a deeper understanding of the growth, functionality and performance of novel energy and device materials.

Robert said:

“Operando techniques allow us to better understand the desirable and unwanted reactions which occur at the interfaces between functional materials during operation. This event highlighted the broad range of applications for these cutting-edge techniques.”

The symposium included a poster session with students from Imperial College London, and the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.