Training and Skills

Materials for Quantum Network Winter School

In January, the Royce Hub Building hosted students from across the UK involved in the Materials for Quantum Network (M4QN) for a four-day Winter School. The event brought together PhD and PDRAs working across physics, engineering, and chemistry on research for materials needed for future quantum technologies.

Participants were encouraged to network and build connections with each other to better understand the UK community in which they are involved, find future collaborators and appreciate how new interactions could help their own work. Activities included exploring their own, and the community’s, training needs; considering the concurrent network roadmap workshop and how exploring future developments will guide and influence their own careers; learning about approaches to outreach and public engagement in materials science and engagement, as well as developing ideas for their own outreach activities.

Finally, the participants were challenged to consider contributions they could make to a future Summer School, planned for July 2025, as part of  M4QN’s network activities.