Survey on hydrogen materials test capabilities to support facilities development

Over the last year, Royce has been working with academic and industrial communities to identify key needs for materials research in end-to-end applications for hydrogen, as part of a programme of roadmapping and landscaping.

Innovate UK KTN have been facilitators, hosting engagement activities and supporting working groups in identified key areas. These topics have been selected for potential impact at terawatt scale in the UK energy system with supply-chain opportunities for the UK.

Workgroup members are now seeking a better understanding of UK hydrogen materials test facilities and capabilities and are inviting members of the materials community to report on facility and capabilities through a survey.

The team are asking for respondents to make separate submissions to reflect different groups of equipment, and to distinguish between existing facilities and plans for new capabilities.

The aim is to make it easier to connect with key facilities, as well as to help make the case for new capabilities and facilities necessary for research into materials for use in hydrogen production, storage, distribution and end-applications.

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