Festive Fun at the Royce Hub Building

A big thank you to our Technical Teams for their creative application of science and manufacturing to showcase material capabilities with a festive twist.

The textiles team at The University of Manchester designed and produced a giant Santa hat to accessorise the 3D ‘Royce’ signage. Laura Kavanagh, Senior Knitting Technician, Fiona Colton, Senior Sewing Technician and Andrew Izquierdo, Textile Technician, utilised the Knitting Lab to design the garment pattern, translate it into the knitting software, and then produce the jacquard knitted panels on the Shima Seiki N.SVR 123SP machine. The fabric panels, featuring motifs of test tubes, snowflakes and the phrase ‘TIS THE SCIENCE’ were then sewn together with a fluffy fabric trip and bobble to give the traditional Santa hat shape.











Dr Rachel Saunders, Senior Experimental Officer at our Additive Manufacturing Facility, utilised leftover resin to prepare some beautiful ROYCE letters for our Christmas tree. Showcasing the capabilities of the Tinkercad software and Stratasys J750 polyjet printer, the structures utilise inkjet technology to deposit a UV curable resin which builds the objects up layer by layer. As a multi-material printer it also allows us to do a range of colours in one build.


This is the first year the Royce Hub Building has started with festive decorations to bring holiday cheer to building occupants, lab users and visitors. Thanks go to the Operations and Communications teams for coordinating on-site decorations, really bringing home the countdown to the holidays.