Discover Materials Winter-01

Discover Materials host virtual winter outreach event for school students

Discover Materials held its annual Winter outreach event on 14th December 2021. The lively programme of virtual content was aimed to introduce Materials Science to 11-16 year old (Key Stage 3-4 Students), with some sessions accessible for KS2 and younger children with an interest in science and engineering. 

Students from around the UK tuned in together to watch the livestreamed and pre-recorded virtual event. Attendees discovered more about materials and sustainability, were wowed by a science magician and competed in a contest to win Materials Science themed prizes.

The virtual event was presented by a host of researchers, experts and entertainers from around the UK, showcasing the variety of academic and career paths Materials Science can pave for young students.

The Discover Materials this Winter programme hosted a series of live sessions on the impact materials have on our world. Each instalment in the series had a different focus and was presented by Zac Nye from Swansea University, Dr. Ahu Gümrah Parry and Dr. Guilhem De Hoe from the University of Manchester, and professional science presenter Jon Wood.

Anna Ploszajki, author of Handmade: A Scientist’s Search for Meaning Through Making, presented a workshop on making paper gifts for attendees, while Dr Elanora D’Elia of Imperial College London produced a video presentation and held a live session explaining snow and hydrogels.

The event saw Science Magician Matt Pritchard demonstrate a mind-boggling array of optical illusions in a livestreamed video, explaining the science behind the magic in each of the tricks performed through the session.

Dr Becky Waldram from Swansea University rounded off the day hosting a live Q&A session with Amy Newell, Ebrima Sallah, IIija Rasovic and Zoe Powell-Best. The panel discussed their varying research and industry career paths and panelists shared the things that made them fall in love with the subject of Materials Science as students.