Conference | 7-8th June

Surfex: Surface Paint & Coatings Technology

Date :
07 June 2022 - 08 June 2022
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All Day
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The Only Event in the UK for Surface, Paint & Coatings Technology

Join us and meet the key decision makers and innovators from across the surface, paint and coatings sector.

Surfex brings an essential focus to surface, paint & coatings technologies and offers attendees to discover new ideas, find answers to technical challenges and source information for immediate use in their working environment.

Programme Highlights:

Coatings for High Temperature, Extreme Environments

Prof. J. R. Nicholls Cranfield University presents:

7th June, 16.00-16.20

This presentation reviews the role of coating technologies for the protection of hot section components within gas turbines and explores the challenges facing surface engineers when designing coating systems for extreme high temperature service. Both thermal barrier and environmental protection coatings for conventionally cast and single crystal alloys will be considered, plus the future need for environmental barriers on advanced SiC/SiC composite materials.

With the drive for more efficient engines, reduced CO2 emissions and the potential use of alternative fuels, engine operating temperatures are expected to increase.  Under these conditions, the engine’s performance, serviceablity and lifetime now depend on these coating systems- the coatings are prime reliant. As a result, a detailed understanding of possible failure mechanisms is required to better understand service life and the success of these coated components in service.  Potential failure mechanisms and their implication on service life will be reviewed.

  • The National High Temperature Surface Engineering Centre, an Associate Member of the Henry Royce Institute, designs and tests surface treatments for components subjected to extreme and hostile environments. The Centre is the sole university provider of electron-beam physical vapour deposition (EB-PVD) thermal barrier coatings to Rolls-Royce gas turbine engines leading to significant fuel savings and reduced CO2 emissions for aviation.