Virtual Workshop | 16 December 2021

SPARC Workshop: Bioelectronic Medicine

Date :
16 December 2021
Time :
9:00 am - 8:00 pm
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Please note: This event will be held 9am – 8pm IST (UTC+5:30)

The field of bioelectronic medicine represents the convergence of concepts from multiple disciplines, including Biomaterials Science, Biomedical Engineering, Neuroscience and Medicine, in a fast-developing way to treat chronic diseases. The significant progress in the field of bioelectronic medicine has resulted in the development of implantable devices, e.g., neuromodulation devices for chronic pain management.

Our ability to precisely control cell functionalities has been identified as a key underpinning factor. However, many research outcomes from academia have still not been translated to bioelectronic devices. In particular, the intermittent delivery of properly tuned pulsed dynamic electrical stimulation demonstrates potential in modulating neurogenic/ osteogenic/ myogenic/ chondrogenic differentiation of stem cells. However, many such research outcomes are still not translated to clinical studies.

In this perspective, the bioengineering approach of integrating electronic systems with biomaterial-based scaffolds will be discussed in this workshop, by the global experts as well as young researchers. The present status of understanding the applications of electroactive biomaterials to deliver bioelectrical cues for regulating cell fate processes will be reviewed. Along with the fundamental physical phenomenon at the tissue-electrode interface, advancements in nanoelectronic devices will be presented in some of the lectures, together with the emergence of the soft and flexible electronics as next-generation bioelectronic devices with a more stable and compatible biointerface. Clinically-led bioelectronics medicine to regulate the electrical signaling at the neural interface will be highlighted. It is hoped that the discussion in this workshop will accelerate innovation to translate biomaterials-based biophysical stimulation towards the development of bioartificial organs.

Who should attend?

Graduate/Masters Students, Scientists and faculty members, working in the field of Bioelectronic Medicine.


Dr Jonny Blaker, Royce Biomedical Materials Research Area Lea, University of Manchester

Prof. John A. Rogers, Northwestern University, USA

Prof. George Malliaras, University of Cambridge, UK

Prof. K. Yamashita, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Japan

Prof. Surya K. Mallapragada, Iowa state university, USA

Prof. Miho Nakamura, University of Turku, Finland

Prof. Sarah Cartmell, University of Manchester, UK

Dr. Manus Biggs, National University of Ireland

Prof. S. Lanceros-Mendez, University of Minho, Portugal

Dr. Alok Kumar, Harvard Medical School, USA

Dr. Roberto Portillo Lara, Imperial College London, UK

Dr.  Greeshma T, IIT Madras, India

Dr. Sunil Kumar Boda, University of Minnesota, USA

Dr.  Ravikumar  K, University of Pittsburgh, USA

Asish K. Panda, IISc Bangalore, India