Webinar | 25th January 2023

Royce Training: XPS Data Analysis

Date :
25 January 2023
Time :
9:00 am - 4:30 pm
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This workshop will introduce data analysis methods for the X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and the support available from staff at XPS facilities across the Henry Royce Institute. The content will provide basic instruction in key data analysis methods for a beginner, then cover more advanced procedures for analysing data. Approaches to manage data processing will be addressed in the context of analysing real XP spectra.


XPS is used to quantify elemental concentrations in a material as well as identify the chemical environment using the chemical shifts in measured photoelectron emission peaks. Analysis requires careful calibration and the decomposition of spectra. These spectra are often complicated by spin-orbit splitting, final state effects, and overlapping photoemission and Auger peaks. Analysis of XPS-derived data can be further influenced by errors in the literature and software that negatively influence interpretation and downstream results. To unravel these effects, understanding of the quantum physics of the photoemission process is needed to avoid incorrect interpretation of experimental data.


The workshop is suitable for researchers who already have generated XPS data or will have data soon. Established researchers would also benefit by learning of advanced procedures and having an opportunity to discuss existing challenges.

Learning outcomes

After the event participants should be able to:

  • Open and view XPS data files
  • Perform basic data processing (binding energy scale calibration)
  • Conduct basic quantification of present elements
  • Execute peak-fitting of singlet and doublet-split photoelectron peaks for chemical state analysis
  • Identify common errors in XPS analysis and appropriate methods to avoid them

Workshop information

The scheduled times are given as approximations, but every effort will be made to start and end at the times indicated. The webinar will be recorded, and edited videos will be available after the event.

Please email training@royce.ac.uk to express your interest in attending in-person and the Royce Training team will provide you with additional details.



  • Dr Gwilherm Kerheve, Imperial College London
  • Dr Carmen M. Fernandez-Posada, University of Cambridge
  • Dr Joshua Gibson, University of Oxford
  • Dr Andrew Britton, University of Leeds
  • Dr Elizabeth Wilneff, University of Leeds
  • Dr Marek Nikiel, University of Manchester
  • Dr Ben Spencer, University of Manchester