Milling, particle sizing and heat treatment – best practice

20 June 2024 | Training

Royce Training: Milling, particle sizing and heat treatment – best practice

Date :
20 June 2024
Time :
All Day
Location :
Henry Royce Institute
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This course explores milling, particle sizing and heat treatment techniques involved in the fabrication of advanced materials. The content will cover the application of these processes across Royce’s research areas in advanced metals processing, biomedical materials, chemical materials design, and nuclear materials.

It will introduce standard approaches, enable the sharing of current best practice, and give insights into how these techniques are used in Royce by our researchers, technology platform leads, and students. The sessions will also enable participants to learn directly from equipment manufacturers Verder Scientific, and gain insights from their scientists on how optimise equipment for use across sectors from aerospace to nuclear to biomedical. The content will also provide guidance on why these processes are used, why consideration should be given when preparing samples and planning experiments, and raise thoughts on the time and economic benefits of these techniques.

During the course Verder speakers will outline the scientific principles behind these techniques, sharing their insights into how material properties guide their engineering and design approach. They will outline how different applications require careful experimental design and optimisation of either the material, the process or the equipment being used, to ensure accurate and relevant results. Talks from students, external academics and Royce researchers will further highlight how these techniques are used in scientific investigation, and how materials innovation is supported by these techniques. Presentations from experimental staff and technology platform leads will explain the application and capabilities of Royce facilities supporting these processes and how the community can access them.


This event is suitable for PhD students and researchers who might be encountering these techniques for the first time. Researchers from both academia and industry already using these approaches might want to attend to gain or share knowledge and further insights into how these techniques can be optimised or applied in novel ways.

Learning outcomes

Following this course participants should be able to:

  • Explain the fundamentals of milling, particle sizing and heat treatment techniques
  • Discuss best practice in experimental design and application of these techniques
  • Relate aspects of these techniques to aspects of your own research
  • Select appropriate uses for these techniques relevant to Royce facility capabilities
  • Engage with the community to find help, share best practice, and troubleshoot experimental work
  • Tom Hancocks, Royce
  • Andrea Izquierdo, Royce
  • Ian Wimpenny, The University of Manchester
  • Alex Theodosiou, The University of Manchester
  • Tom Gould, Verder Scientific
  • Tom Mcdonald, The University of Manchester
  • Chloe Loveless, The University of Manchester
  • Ellie Wilson, The University of Manchester
  • Rob Defley, The University of Sheffield
  • David Hall, The University of Manchester
  • Esma Yilmaz, The University of Manchester
  • Fatima Mannan, The University of Manchester
  • Alex Theodosiou, The University of Manchester