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University of Manchester

Molecular Diffusion Modelling Workshop

Date :
27 September 2019
Time :
11:00 am - 1:30 pm
Location :
The Mill
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Presentations will include diffusion modelling objectives and obstacles from research groups.

Should the presentations take your interest, you are invited to stay for a discussion and mapping session where we split into smaller interest groups and identify overlaps and possible partnerships.

A buffet lunch will be available – please register to ensure we order the correct quantity.

Research groups already expressing interest:

Oliver Jensen/Igor Chernyavsky (Maths): mathematical modelling of diffusion in biological systems

Carmine D’Agostino (CEAS): multi-component diffusion in non-ideal liquid mixtures

Cláudio Fonte (CEAS): diffusion within fluid dynamics modelling

Joe Baron (Physics): reaction-diffusion systems with anomalous transport

Paola Carbone (CEAS): polymer dynamics through molecular dynamics simulations

Huaxiang Yan, Majid Sedighi, Tian Chen (MACE): transport properties of porous/fractured media; multicomponent ionic species

Alessandro Patti (CEAS): diffusion in soft matter

Paul Connolly (EES): diffusion effects on ice nucleation

Please contact Simon O’Meara for more information: simon.omeara@manchester.ac.uk

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