MIF Building Liverpool

Virtual Event | 15 - 17 September

MACSMIN Conference

Date :
15 September 2021 - 17 September 2021
Time :
All Day
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The new annual conference MACSMIN (Mathematics and Computer Science for Materials Innovation, http://kurlin.org/macsmin.php) was initiated in September 2020 to create an inter-disciplinary community on the interface between Mathematics, Computer Science, Crystallography and Materials. The vision is to make the UK a world leader in Computational Materials Science. Though there are many current attempts to apply High Performance Computing for Materials Discovery, supercomputers are mainly used for sampling unknown materials spaces that were not mathematically described.

The MACSMIN conference attracts scientists who are interested in developing rigorous methods for materials classification and inverse design. For example, the new area of Periodic Geometry aims to continuously parameterise the space of all periodic crystal structures by complete invariants similarly to Mendeleev’s table of all chemical elements, which are uniquely represented by a period and group number.

Other MACSMIN conference topics include (but are not limited to) Mathematical Crystallography, Functional Materials, AI and Statistical Learning for Materials.

The second online conference on 15-17 September 2021 is supported by the International Union of Crystallography commission on Mathematical and Theoretical Crystallography and the Henry Royce Institute. The timetable at http://kurlin.org/macsmin.php#2021 includes invited talks from world leading researchers in Functional Materials, Mathematical Crystallography and Computational Geometry, also a 2.5-hour tutorial about the new area of Periodic Geometry and a brainstorming session on translating practical problems in crystallography and materials science to the language of mathematics and computer science.

To register for free and receive a Zoom link for all sessions, please e-mail your full name and affiliation to Dr Vitaliy Kurlin, vitaliy.kurlin@gmail.com