FIB & Prep 2021 User Group Meeting

Date :
27 October 2021
Time :
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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The UK FIB & Prep User Group is an open forum for FIB users and all users of specimen preparation equipment for microscopes. The group exists so that members can share technique advances, discuss best practices, present experimental and theoretical findings/discoveries, exchange tips for preparation of difficult materials, 2D and 3D analysis of challenging data sets and learn about new developments in both instrumentation and techniques.

With increasingly fast development of FIB systems and sample preparation equipment in line and an increasing number of such equipment available worldwide, the Group’s talks on the cutting edge of current technology development and its wide range of applications from  experts and researchers will bring fresh insights to participants.

This Group Meeting has been held annually in Manchester since 2013 in workshop format where attendees have a chance to chat with manufacturers and experts in the ‘Round table’ discussion.

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Large area pFIB cross sections in half the time with gas assisted milling
Stuart Robertson, Loughborough University

Helios 5 Laser PFIB– extending nanometer characterization to millimeter scale
Min Wu,  ThermoFisher Scientific

Introduction to the fs-laser PFIB
Tim Burnett,  University of Manchester

Advanced TEM Lamella Preparation in FIB-SEM by Taking Advantage of Innovative Lift-out Methods
Martin Sláma, TESCAN

Using FIB and nanoindentation for micromechanical testing of coatings
Ying Chen, Henry Royce Institute, Manchester


Getting the best out from FIB: ion beam damages and optimization methods
Xiangli Zhong, University of Manchester

Broad ion beam milling for energy materials
Steve Murray/Robert Steffen, Hitachi

Advances in FIB Lift Out Methods and Accessories
Lucille A. Giannuzzi, EXpressLO

Material Sputtering with a Multi Ion Species Plasma FIB
Valerie Brogden; University of Oregon