Diversity in Graphene Career Event 2021

Date :
08 March 2021 - 09 March 2021
Time :
All Day
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An opportunity to hear about different career pathways and discuss equality at work in the graphene industry. This event is part of the Diversity in Graphene initiative.


8 March 2021

15:00-15:50 | Talent and Dreams – Ana Helman and Polina Kuzhir

15:50-16:25 | Equality at Work – Marie Louise Sunde and Maria Sangiuliano

16:25-17:05 | “Study Struggle Succeed” – Liam Bird, Sonia Estrade, Camilla Coletti, Tapani Ryhanen, and Beenish Siddique.

17:05-17:20 | Lessons from a young entrepreneur – Beenish Siddique.

9 March 2021
14:00-17:00 | Interactive Workshop


Alternative career paths in science – Ana Helman (European Science Foundation)

Starting from her own experience, Ana Helman discusses the skills, challenges and professional recognition that a career in research management, international collaboration, research funding and evaluation can bring to the individual. In this talk, Helman presents some career opportunities that exist for (young) researchers in addition to a “traditional” academic or industrial research path. Some analysis of diversity and gender equality issues will also be presented.

The role of international cooperation and mobility in researcher career development. The gender aspects – Polina Kuzhir (University of Eastern Finland, Belarusian State University)

Based on her experience as a PI in a third country research institution, Polina Kuzhir discusses the role of international cooperation and mobility in the evolution of research teams and individual career development. Beyond new knowledge and new professional ties, she addresses social aspects of mobility programmes and “scientific friendship” issues. From the perspective of a research project’s evaluator, she will also discuss some gender equality aspects in the research area of her home country, Belarus, and in the EU.

Equality at work – Marie Louise Sunde (Equality Check) and Maria Sangiuliano (SmartVenice)

Why would the holder of a PhD in Surgery change course and become an evangelist of equality at work? And why do we need an EU-level certification scheme on gender+ equality? Marie Louise Sunde and Maria Sangiuliano present their findings and explain how companies and research institutes can improve diversity and inclusion. Learn about Equality Check, the company that aims to become “A Glassdoor or TripAdvisor for Diversity” as well as CASPER and other EU projects that are addressing diversity issues in the areas of innovation policies, employment, education and multicultural integration.  

“Study Struggle Succeed” – Liam Bird (University of Cambridge), Sonia Estrade (University of Barcelona), Camilla Coletti (IIT), Tapani Ryhanen (Emberion) and Beenish Siddique (AEH Innovative Hydrogel Limited)

Imagine a PhD student, an almost-tenured researcher, a tenured professor, a CTO and an entrepreneur sitting around a table and discussing about their scientific careers. Which challenges have they faced? Have they changed their mind over the years? What’s the best work environment they experienced or they dream of? What have they learnt so far and what do they aspire to? “Study Struggle Succeed” is a friendly panel discussion about all these topics and more.

Lessons from a young entrepreneur – Beenish Siddique (AEH Innovative Hydrogel Limited)

Originally from Pakistan, Beenish Siddique moved to the UK for her undergraduate studies. Ten years later, she is the founder and CEO of a small company based in Manchester. Her company vision is to become the Apple of Agritech. Hear about her journey to becoming an entrepreneur and her ambitions for the future. Get inspired by her contagious drive and optimism.