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Conference | 16th September

Design, synthesis and application of next-generation organic semiconductors

Date :
16 September 2022
Time :
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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About this event


A one-day meeting on the design, synthesis and application of next-generation organic semiconductors.

We are thrilled to invite you to our one-day discussion on advanced materials and their applications in next-generation technologies. We will showcase the exciting research from the UK, Japan, Germany and Canada on the preparation, study and application of novel functional materials.

The meeting aims to develop interactions between scientists with backgrounds from chemistry, physics, biology and engineering, with interests in all aspects of optoelectronic materials research from synthetic, theoretical, spectroscopy, optics, to real-world devices.

The final schedule is still TBC, but speaker details and talk titles are below:

  • Matthew Fuchter (Imperial College London): Handling directionality in films of chiral materials
  • Eli Zysman-Colman (University of St. Andrews): Recent Advances in TADF Emitter Design
  • Mike Ingleson (University of Edinburgh): New methods to incorporate boron into organic materials
  • Ian Howard (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology): Measuring Triplet Diffusion between TADF Emitters
  • Kim Jelfs (Imperial College London): Exploring structure-property landscapes through simulation
  • Marcel Mayor (University of Basel): Geländer Oligomers: Helical Chirality by Design
  • Rik Tykwinski (University of Alberta): Acene oligomers for up- and down-conversion
  • Shigeru Yamago (Kyoto University): Organometallic-mediated Synthesis of Cyclic pi-Conjugated Molecules
  • Takuji Hatakeyama (Kwansei Gakuin University): Development of boron-based MR-TADF materials
  • Anna Köhler (University of Bayreuth): What optical spectroscopy can tell you on TADF emitters
  • Takashi Hirose (Kyoto University): Synthesis of π-extended helicenes and their molecular functions
  • Hironori Kaji(Kyoto University): Molecular design, multiscale simulation, and solid-state NMR
  • Hajime Ito (Hokkaido University): Mechanochemical synthesis for organic materials
  • Stefan Bräse (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology): Design and syntheses of chiral emitters for CPL applications
  • Jean-Francois Morin (Université Laval): Synthesis and Properties and Nanographenes and Acene-Like Molecules
  • Neil Alford (Imperial College London and the Henry Royce Institute): Overview of Royce Facilities, Atoms to Devices Theme

If you are an early career researcher working on any aspect of optoelectronic materials and devices, please register to present a poster.

We hope that you enjoy the day!

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