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1 September 2023 | Training Course

Applied Diffraction Refinement Course

Date :
01 September 2023
Time :
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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X-ray powder diffraction is one of the most common in-house characterisation methods, with its application being of interest for samples including metals, ceramics, mastery materials and pharmaceuticals, Dr Lewis Owen has devised a course aimed at arming delegates with the knowledge and skills to devise their own diffraction refinement work.

This course, led by Dr Lewis Owen, will explore powder diffraction refinements techniques and their application. It comprises a pre-course series of virtual lectures to bring all delegates up to speed on the underlying theory of powder diffraction, and a full day in-person course covering a basic introduction to powder diffraction techniques including guided walkthroughs and trial examples.

The course is suitable for researchers working in both academia and industry that want to learn how to carry out powder diffraction refinement.

Learning objectives:

  • To understand the basics of powder diffraction refinement theory and how it affects how we carry out a refinement
  • To be able to set up and run a powder refinement (using the GSAS-II software)
  • To be aware of different types of powder refinement fits (Rietveld, Pawley, Le Bail) and how they might be useful

Various topics will be discussed including lattice parameter determination, instrument parameter files, crystallite size determination, quantitative phase analysis, and different refinements methods.

Participants on the course will be provided with:

  • Complete set of course notes covering the theory of powder diffraction refinement
  • Access to a series of video lectures on X-ray powder diffraction theory
  • Walk -through guide on setting up a refinement in GSAS-II
  • Series of example refinement problems with suitable guidance


Thanks to funding from the Henry Royce Institute the course is offered at a heavily subsidised rate of just £50 per delegate, which includes refreshments and a lunchtime meal.

It’s anticipated that this course will be very popular so please book early! Full details are available on the event website. Click here to read more.