23 April 2024 | Postdoc Event

2024 Annual SBS Postdoc Teaching Event

Date :
23 April 2024
Time :
11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Location :
Stopford Lecture Theatre
Event Type :
Postdoc Event

This continuation of the Advances in Regenerative Medicine & Cell Matrix Biology Seminar is from Prof Lorenzo Moroni, Maastricht University; Taming Multi-material Biofabrication to Influence Stem Cell Activity for Regenerative Medicine.

Find out about enriching teaching experiences tailored specifically for postdocs in the School of Biological Sciences. These opportunities not only allow you to share your passion and expertise but also significantly enhances your professional development.

Teaching Opportunities:

  • Group-Based Learning (GBL) Sessions with Undergraduate Biologists: Engage with 2nd year biology students in small groups, sharing your research through hands-on data analysis, interpretation, and report writing.
  • Biomedical Sciences Tutorials: Facilitate tutorials focusing on skills development in small group activities.
  • Undergraduate Project Supervision: Mentor final year students across 15 Biological Sciences UG Degree Programs in research, data analysis, and report writing on cutting-edge bioscience topics.
  • MSci Journal Club: Enhance critical evaluation, scientific discussion, and literature review skills for Year 4 integrated masters students.
  • Postgraduate Laboratory Skills Unit: Share your technical expertise with future researchers, covering a range of core biomedical techniques.

Benefits of Participating:

Share your passion for research and teach within your expertise

Develop mentoring, supervisory, communication, and skills in teaching & learning

Enhance your CV with valuable teaching and mentoring experience

The teaching opportunities align with the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF) and support applications for Advanced HE Fellowships

This is a fantastic opportunity to influence future bioscience professionals while benefiting from a supportive teaching community


Don’t miss this chance to enrich your teaching and research journey.

Join to explore these opportunities at the SBS Postdoc Teaching Event.