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Automated multipurpose X-Ray diffractometer (XRD) with guidance software.

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Detailed Description

This is a flexible XRD with the capability to determine various material properties.
The system features a high-flux 9 kW rotating anode X-Ray source coupled with a 2D detector. The system incorporates a five axis goniometer with an in-plane diffraction arm.


X-Ray diffraction measurement of bulk samples, powders and thin films for the purpose of crystal lattice parameter determination, phase identification, measurement of macroscopic stress, texture, thin film properties, and micro strains caused by various types of crystal defects including lattice defects produced when the sample has been exposed to atomic radiation. The latter is of particular interest at the MRF.

Five axis goniometer including in-plane arm
High-flux X-ray source: 9kW PhotonMax
Cu and Co Rotating anodes available
Optional Ge (220) double bounce incident monochromator
HyPix-3000 single photon counting solid state 2D pixel array detector