Olympus IX71 microscope Photron Mini UX50 CMOS monochrome camera

Ultra-fast Particle Tracking Microscope

Ultra-fast camera for imaging material interactions with aqueous media/suspensions.

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Detailed Description

The ultra-fast particle tracking microscope allows bright field imaging to be performed at high speeds (using a Photron Mini UX50 monochrome CMOS camera) of up to 100,000 fps. Samples can be maintained at room temperature in a hydrated environment (Solent incubator), so the apparatus finds many applications in biological physics (e.g. live bacterial cells) and soft-condensed matter physics (e.g. the microrheology of polymers). A bright LED array (pE-100 LED CoolLED, UK) can be used to illuminate a sample at 525 nm with a bandwidth of 19 nm. The apparatus can also be used for dynamic multiple particle tracking microrheology experiments and a number of microfluidic platforms are available. It also finds applications in intracellular particle tracking e.g. gold labelled endosomes. A range of objective lenses are available e.g. an Olympus UAPON 100´ 1.49NA OTIRF lens. The apparatus is built on an Olympus IX70 inverted microscope frame placed on an active noise cancellation table (AVI350M dynamic vibration isolation system, Table Stable Ltd, Switzerland).


Protein-material interactions (binding and activity)
Biofilm formation
Perfusion models
Cell-material interactions

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