Arcast - SC100

Strip Caster

Arcast’s Melt Spinner casts a thin ribbon of rapidly quenched amorphous material in 100g batches, and is suitable for Al, Fe, Ni, and Cu alloys.

  • Partner:The University of Sheffield
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Detailed Description

The strip caster uses induction melting in an inert atmosphere and a water-cooled, variable-speed copper wheel to quench the metal and generate the ribbon.

A complete system consisting of vacuum chamber, control cabinet, high vacuum dual vane rotary pump (or turbo pump option) for 9 x 10-3 mbar vacuum.

Produces rapidly quenched ribbons 1 – 20 mm wide.

3 way crucible positioning system.

View ports for optical pyrometer and for viewing the process.

Types K, B or C thermocouple feed-through and temperature display.

Cooling jets for above and below the cast ribbon. These may be used with helium for increased cooling

Melt ejection by way of gas top pressure over the melt.


  • Capacity: 100g typical for Al, Fe, Ni, and Cu alloys
  • Crucible/Hearth: Quartz, boron nitride, ZSBN or alumina
  • Chamber: Stainless
  • Wheel material: Copper, water cooled
  • Wheel dimensions: 300mm dia, 50mm wide
  • Wheel surface velocity: 25-200m/s
  • Induction generator: 15kW HF

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