Arcast - SC100

Strip Caster

Arcast’s Melt Spinner casts a thin ribbon of rapidly quenched amorphous material in 100g batches, and is suitable for Al, Fe, Ni, and Cu alloys.

  • Partner:The University of Sheffield
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Detailed Description

The strip caster uses induction melting in an inert atmosphere and a water-cooled, variable-speed copper wheel to quench the metal and generate the ribbon.

It is a complete system consisting of vacuum chamber, control cabinet, high vacuum dual vane rotary pump (or turbo pump option) for 9 x 10-3 mbar vacuum, and it can produce rapidly quenched ribbons 1 – 20 mm wide.

It has a:
– 3 way crucible positioning system
– View ports for optical pyrometer and for viewing the process
– Types K, B or C thermocouple feed-through and temperature display
– Cooling jets for above and below the cast ribbon. These may be used with helium for increased cooling
– Melt ejection by way of gas top pressure over the melt


  • Capacity: 100g typical for Al, Fe, Ni, and Cu alloys
  • Crucible/Hearth: Quartz, boron nitride, ZSBN or alumina
  • Chamber: Stainless
  • Wheel material: Copper, water cooled
  • Wheel dimensions: 300mm dia, 50mm wide
  • Wheel surface velocity: 25-200m/s
  • Induction generator: 15kW HF

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