TA Instruments Ltd. HR-2 Discovery Hybrid Rheometer


Dynamic hybrid rheometer with high temperature chamber.

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Detailed Description

The DHR-2 rheometer combines a patented advanced drag cup motor, a second generation magnetic bearing, force rebalance transducer (FRT), and the new patent-pending True Position Sensor (TPS) in a single-head Hybrid rheometer. The DHR has unprecedented performance specification and delivers unsurpassed direct strain control, direct stress control, and normal force measurement accuracy. The DHR features all popular TA innovations including patented Smart Swapā„¢ geometries and the widest range of Smart Swap temperature systems.


The rheometer allows the rheology of polymer solutions to be understood. This can be used to relate the viscosity of a polymer to its molecular weight.
This can be applied to understanding polymer suspensions, such as commonly used in shampoos, conditioners etc.
Additonally polymer melts can be studied such as PE, PET during extrusion to understand the effects of processing on chain length and any potential cross-linking.

Torque range: 2nN.m – 200mN.m (0.1nN.m resolution)
Frequency range: 1.0E-07 – 100 Hz
Angular velocity: 0-300 rad/s
Max Force: 50N (0.005N sensitivity)