Plasma Focused Ion Beam with Time of Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer

Plasma FIB featuring a high-resolution (> 3500 m/z) SIMS, as well as a full complement of analytical hardware (EDS, EBSD) – including an EDS system with 1.1 Sr solid angle (Bruker FlatQUAD).

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Detailed Description

Installed in an active lab in NNL’s Central Laboratory, the P-FIB is used for examination and fabrication of samples from active materials including irradiated fuels and structural materials.


This instrument combines the imaging and analysis capabilities of an SEM; sample preparation techniques of a plasma-FIB; and a comprehensive range of chemical, crystallographic, and isotopic characterisation techniques.

  • 0.7 nm resolution @ 15 kV, SEM
  • Beam deceleration
  • Immersion optics
  • In beam: SE, BSE, low energy BSE
  • rBSE & rSTEM
  • Low vacuum mode
  • 1 pA to 1 µA Xe ion beam current, <15 nm resolution
  • Rocking stage
  • OmniProbe OP400
  • 5-line GIS system Pt, W, C, XeF2, O2
  • Analytics
  • Bruker 100 mm2 EDS
  • Bruker FlatQUAD 60 mm2 low kV EDS
  • Bruker EBSD with TKD
  • H-TOF SIMS, <60 nm lateral resolution, 3 nm depth, <1.5 ppm detection limit