Platform for Nanoscale Advanced Materials Engineering (P-NAME)

The P-NAME tool provides the ability to engineer functionality into advanced materials on the nanoscale. Dopant ions can be selected with isotopic purity and implanted into precisely defined regions with sub-20 nanometre resolution.

  • Partner:The University of Manchester
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Detailed Description

P-NAME is the first tool to provide high-resolution ion doping coupled with co-incident electron beam (e-beam) imaging setting it apart as a unique facility world wide. The capability it delivers will establish a new area of nanoscale advanced materials engineering.


The ion column uses liquid metal alloy ion sources (LMAIS). Specified capability includes:

  • Ion species B, P, As, Sb, key lanthanides (e.g. Er and Nd) and transition metals (e.g. Ti, Mn, V, Co, Ni, Pd, Pt, Au).
  • High-resolution E x B mass filter for valence and isotopic ion selection (e.g. Bi3+, Au2+, 29Si).
  • Ion-beam spot size control to sub-20 nm resolution.
  • Ion energies from 5 keV upwards to ~40 keV.
  • Ion doses from 1 to over 1016 ions/cm2 enabling.
  • Single-defect doping to ion-beam synthesis.
  • Nanometer-precision sample handling with integrated ion beam patterning control.
  • Integrated high-resolution e-beam imaging.
  • Common vacuum suitcase compatibility with deposition tools.