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Royce Deposition System

Understanding the properties of interfaces between different types of materials holds the key to designing novel electronic and computing devices. The Royce Deposition System is an interconnected multi-chamber UHV system for thin film growth that allows layers of different classes of materials to be deposited by a range of techniques.

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Detailed Description

  • MBE chamber for growth of topological materials
  • Hybrid metal-organics chamber with K-cells, e-beam evaporation and magnetron sputtering
  • Sputtering chamber for dc/rf magnetron sputtering of metals and oxides
  • PLD chamber with a 248nm laser for growth of complex oxides
  • In situ RHEED for monitoring epitaxial growth
  • Load-locks for fast sample turn-around
  • Preparation chamber with substrate heater and ion miller
  • UHV transfer between chambers

The system is housed within the Condensed Matter group, which has a background in developing materials and devices for spintronics, as well as a wealth of experience in thin-film growth and characterisation. The system extends the group’s existing deposition facility, including high throughput sputter chambers that allow for efficient materials development. The group’s characterisation capabilities include thin-film X-ray reflectivity and diffraction, scanning probe techniques, magnetometry, and electron transport.

Click here for further information on the Royce Deposition System at the University of Leeds.

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