TA Instruments Ltd. 5500 Multi-well plate Mechanical stimulation system

Multi-well plate Mechanical stimulation system

Advanced mechanical stimulation and characterisation of biomaterials and tissues in a compact 24 well system.

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Detailed Description

The ElectroForce® 5500 Test system combines precision with a versatile compact design to accommodate the characterisation and stimulation of tissues, biomaterials and tissue engineered constructs on a table top or inside of a standard cell culture incubator.


Ideal for mechanical studies of tissue-engineered cartilage i.e. hydrogels.

Users can import profiles that mimic tissue loading under different states such as the stress of articular cartilage during a gait cycle. Thereby it can apply precise axial loading, as well as performing multi-specimen testing.

Complex waveforms can be defined to run physiological loading protocols such as sinusoidal waveform and a custom gait waveform

Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) software is available to automate the characterisation and calculation of viscoelastic material properties.