TA Instruments Ltd. 3330 Multi-specimen Fatigue (MSF) System

Multi-specimen Fatigue (MSF) System

The Multi-specimen fatigue system is designed to accelerate fatigue studies for a variety of materials, subcomponents and complete devices, by evaluating the performance of up to 12 samples at once under the same strain, load, and frequency. This is ideal for testing the repeated cycles of loading on hydrogels or elastomers. The system also has a heated media tank to asses samples in both dry and hydrated states and up to a temperature of 45 degrees.

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Detailed Description

The MSF provides capacity of 12 specimens with independent precision adjustments. The optimised design provides greater sample access and visibility for simplified sample loading and viewing


For device material evaluation users can generate S/N curves faster and with higher statistical confidence levels

Wide range of applications for high cyclic fatigue i.e. stents, pacemaker leads, IVC filters, heart valve leaflets, frames and stents.

12 Specimens of simultaneous axial fatigue at up to 100 Hz

High Accuracy Displacement Sensor (HADS) provides calibrated accuracy to ±5μm with 1nm resolution

Temperature controlled saline bath (up to 45°C) to perform testing in physiologically relevant temperatures